2004 Annual Report

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153 Fish Camp, Inc.

Prince of Wales Island, Alaska




 September 30, 2004


Mission & Acknowledgements

 153 Fish Camp was founded for the purpose of uniting men and encouraging their hearts toward God and

positive relationships thru adventure and world class fishing at an affordable cost.

                 We desire to do this by:

·        Providing a place for men to go to challenge themselves physically & spiritually.

·        Providing a place for people to recharge and get away from the world.

·        Providing an adventure for men that is clean and acceptable to their spouses.

·        Providing a place for men to go to experience a memorable adventure.

·        Providing an adventure for men to build / reinforce friendships.

·        Providing a place and a message for people to deepen their relationship with God.

·        Provide a non threatening environment for spiritual growth.

153 Fish Camp thanks the following contributors for their support of its activities:  Charlotte Schacher, Joe Schacher, Gary Gunkel, Earl Ferguson, EAG, Inc., Ed Shoemaker, Warren Akin, Jeff Kopp, Dean Huigbretse, Ryan Uhlenkott, Trent Morgan,  The 2004 campers, and many others.



From the Chairman of the Board

 153 Fish Camp is pleased to present this first annual report on its activities in 2003 and 2004.

 The year began with 3 men and an idea.  God was able to take what little we had to offer, multiply it, and accomplish things that can only be accredited to Him.

 Our many activities included: Incorporating as a non profit, Forming & approving our bylaws, Electing officers, Procuring property, Getting a driveway & building site developed, Getting electricity & phone installed, Planning the summer schedule, Developing a web site, Making up Brochures, Booking the camps,  Gathering Supplies, Hauling supplies to Alaska, Building a cabin in Alaska, Setting up & running the summer camp, packing it all up, and starting to plan next year’s activities.

 Thirty five men attended this summer in 4 different camps.  All the camps caught lots of fish.  We had a great time in fun & fellowship.  The response from the men was very positive.  One common comment heard was, “We came to fill our coolers & left with so much more”.  Friendships were formed that will last a long time.  Being there from one camp to the next I was privileged to see how each group of men would start out as individuals and by the end of the week grow into a family.  We were truly blessed in our service.

 This next year holds the promise of many exciting improvements.  There will be a total of 6 camps.  Interest is very high.  We will be working to improve the camp facilities and improving our ability to target Halibut.  We are working on a lesson plan that will be consistent and applicable to all men.   Based on our mission, we have decided to maintain the basic camp fees at the same level to keep this opportunity affordable to as many as possible.

 We thank the board and all who contributed.  153 Fish Camp has no paid staff positions so all that was accomplished was done so by volunteers.  We are very grateful for all the hard work and commitment which made this possible.  We are also appreciative for the generous support of our donors.

Mark Gunkel



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