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The island hosts four of the five salmon species. Fishing will be primarily for Coho Salmon (silvers), Sockeye salmon (reds), Pink salmon (humpies), or Chum salmon (dogs). June & July produce mainly silvers and reds. The humpies & dogs (pinks) start showingDean has hooked something big up in late July and August. We do not provide guide services, but finding the fish is not a problem.  Your ability to cast far and accurately will determine how fast you catch fish.  The prime fishing area is about 100 yards from camp (from the bank or small boat).

There isn't a resident King Salmon run on the island but daily limits were taken by others nearby, we might be fishing for Kings this year. Click this link for more information on each specie of fish

Alaska Fishing Regulations allow 6 of each salmon species per day per person. Daily limits in 2 different species are possible in the last two weeks, with an occasional third specie.  Check the latest regulations for specific information.

Our Halibut boat has rounded out the Alaska fishing experience.  It is roomy, provides protection from the weather and a measure of safety in the channel water.  Although we have had several maintenance issues with the boat, we are expecting a good year again.  Most of our halibut range in size from 20 to 60lbs ea.

We will be working hard to solve the reliability issues and expect more trips this year.

                                                                                                 This tells it all !!


The additional cost to cover fuel expenses for the Halibut  and King trips will probably be about $50 per trip/person, depending on number of fishermen & duration..2 guy's, 26 fish, how's that for a daily catch!!

Time will be made for those who wish to charter a local boat to go Halibut or King fishing. The charter cost is approximately $200.00 per person/trip.

You can also go crabbing for Dungeness Crab in the bay right near camp, clams not far away and shrimping may also be available depending on interest.

Dolley Varden, Cutthroat, & Brook Trout are also available from nearby lakes and rivers.

Fishing Tackle---

  • Bring medium to heavy weight spinning system.  Casting distance and accuracy are very important, the better you are at this, the faster you will catch your limit.  Most of the time you will be spot casting to jumpers or schools of salmon swimming by (from boat or shore).  Bring a good quality reel.  five days of fighting six or more Salmon a day will wear hard on a reel brake and gear system, also, if a seal lion decides he wants your fish, you are in for a tough fight.  The Salmon may or may not take a lure, probably depending on how long they have been in the bay, and it seems to change on a daily basis.  Click on the highlighted links below for more information on the lures.

  • We've had very good success with #4 & #5 spinners, Blue fox - tiger pattern.

  • Spinners with painted blades are good, fluorescent orange or sometimes black.

  • Some good success with diving plugs, like the Wiggle Warts, medium size, metallic pink and fluorescent orange.

  • Pixies don't seem to work at all.

  • The one hot spoon is the Mepps Syclops, #3, it is the only spoon that seems to work.

  • Snagging is legal and always works.  Use a weighted (2 oz) #8 treble hook. (Bring plenty) (we will have a few for sale if you run out)


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