Needs for 2010 season


6-8 Volunteers to help with expanding the cook cabin, the week before the 1st camp, Call Mark.


The following items for purchase or donation----donations help to keep the camper cost low.  Check back later, more items will be added as time allows.

Propane cabin heaters, 3ea

Fireplace tools for wood stoves, 2 sets

Ladder- 20 ft extension

Propane for cooker, ten gallons

Engine fogger to internal winterize boat motors, 6 cans 

WD-40 to external winterize boat motors and van motor

Bayliner – fuel hose – NAPA # H-192- 6ft

Bayliner – belt,saltwater pump —NAPA #A28-50,

Bayliner Carb--  Marine Quadrajet #7044288,  2582W,

Bayliner carb overhaul kit – NAPA#2-5373, 1ea

Bayliner fuel filter--Raycore R12S, 2 ea

Bayliner hose-- thermostat 90-  Dayco 70541, 1ea

Bayliner Hose--saltwater 90- NAPA 1060, 1ea

Bayliner plugs--RBL-9Y or R44T, 16 ea

Bayliner starter--MHA-7013, Delco 30119, 1eaPurchased

Bayliner wiper blade NAPA#60-1450, 1ea

Baylliner trailer tire – 235/75R15, 2 ea

Chain saw, 2 cycle oil, file w/angle gage,

Chainsaw bar oil, 1gallon

Chainsaw—24 to 36” bar, 1ea

Filter, generator—Briggs &Stratton #491588S , 1ea

Filter, water - Doulton HIP   #HIP/UC  Ultracarb, 2 ea

Halibut spreaders – SS rod, 1/8 x 36”    5lbs (welding rod)

Jigs, herring, 12 ea

Kerosene, for heaters, 20 gallons

Line, braided, 1000 yd of 80lb—power pro(min length of 150yds)

Line, braided, 500 yd of 20lb (small diameter)(fireline, etc.)

Motor oil, 15 quarts, 10-30 

Never seize compound– 4 to 12oz

Oars & oarlocks for small boats, full size oars, 2ea sets

Phone card, 2 ea 500 minutes

Radio, base, VHF marine band, 12 or 115volt, 1ea

Reel, heavy duty, spinning, 2 ea

Reel, large level-wind for halibut fishing, 2 ea

Small boat repair, 1/8 x 2” x 48” aluminum bar stock, 2 ea

Small boat repair, sheet ½ exterior plywood, 1ea

Small boat seat for Tracker, 1ea

Small boat paint for interior of Tracker, latex, dark grey,  1 gallon

Smoker chips, 10 lbs

Tote’s, round, rope handles, 20 gallon capacity, 4 ea

Vacuum packer, “Fast Vac”, or similar unit suited for light commercial,

          continuous use , 1 ea

Van air filter---CA7628

Van Oil filter - PH43 (ST16?)

Van Plugs - NAPA #65

Van tire size-225/75R16, 8 or 10 ply, 2 ea

Pickup tires-


Camp improvements----

             1ea 10 hp outboard

             Boot Dryers---6ea, for campers


Other donations---

            Any car, boat, outboard, appliance, tool or any other item that can be sold as-is, repaired or parted out to raise cash. 

 If you have any questions about any of the specific items or have suggestions for other items please let us know.


If you would like to make a donation via credit card (PayPal), click the Donate button below. 


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