2009 Schedule/Costs


The basic cost is $400.00, 1/2 due on registration*.  This includes room & board, use of camp facilities, and island transportation to/from camp and Hollis. Your other costs include expenses to and from your home and Hollis (such as car/airfare, ferry fee's, meals), fishing license, fishing gear, etc. (see What to Bring).

We suggest you make ferry/airline reservations as soon as possible (use the links below & see note at bottom of page).  The ferry schedules are not finalized until sometime in January .

    Alaska Marine Highway (Prince Rupert to Ketchikan)-- link to Alaska Marine Highway ferry schedules, costs, information

    Alaska Inter-Island ferry (Ketchikan to Hollis, Prince of Wales Island) -- link to Inter-Island Ferry schedules, costs, information

    Airline connections (Seattle to Ketchikan)-- link to  Alaska Air

A non-resident, 7 day Sport fishing license now costs $55.00.   A fishing license can be purchased in Ketchikan, on the Island or on-line at Alaska Fish and Game

There is a extra cost for Halibut fishing to cover actual cost of fuel( varies per trip depending on number on trip and duration, typical trip would burn about $200 in gas.)   Bait and tackle you use are extra.  The changes are a result of on-going discussions with the State of Alaska.  Maintenance costs for the boat cannot be charged.  Watch the Fishing Info web page for updated information..



Camp Dates*

Avail. Spots (2/10/10)

Confirmed w/payment1


Camp Dates*

Available Spots (2/10/11)

Confirmed w/payment2

                    Camp 1

6/28/10 to 7/2/10 0 12 of 12 6/27/11 to 7/1/11 10 0 of 10

                    Camp 2

7/5/10 to 7/9/10 0 10 of 13 7/4/11 to 7/8/11 10 0 of 10

                    Camp 3

7/12/10 to 7/16/10 0 14 of 14 7/11/11 to 7/15/11 10 0of 10

                    Camp 4

7/19/10 to 7/23/10 0 12 of 13 7/18/11 to 7/22/11 10 0 of 10

                    Camp 5

7/26/10 to 7/30/10 0 7 of 12 7/25/11 to 7/29/11 10 0 of 10

                    Camp 6

8/2/10 to 8/6/10 0 0 of 11 8/1/11 to 8/5/11 10 0 of 10

                    Camp 7

8/9/10 to 8/13/10 0 0 of 12 8/8/11 to 8/12/11 10 0 of 10

                    Camp 8

        10 0 of 10

        To pay your camp fees via credit card (PayPal), click the Donate button below. 

*The above dates are "camp days", plan to arrive on the island evening ferry the day before and leave on the morning ferry the day after. This means that everyone in a camp comes in on the same ferry and leaves on the same ferry. This helps to reduce the cost of multiple trips back and forth on the island.

1. A reservation is confirmed when a deposit of at least $200 is made before October 15th of the year prior to your reservation.  To be fair to others, reservations that are not confirmed with a deposit by October 15th will be cleared to allow those on the waiting list to have those spots.

2. Reservations for the next season should be made with and re-verified with Jim Dahl or Debbie Dahl prior to October of the year before and confirmed by the end of that year.

Debbie Dahl:
Jim Dahl:
Email: debbiedahl@bridgemail.com


After you have confirmed your reservation please send your deposit to this address:

153 Fishcamp
P.O. Box WWP #31
Ketchikan, AK 99950

Deposits should be received on or after October 1st and need to be in by October 15th.
Please include the names of the campers for which deposit is being made and the dates of your reservation.


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