Excerpts from the Camp Notebook


Neil, 6/30/04--....Caught limit of fish at stream mouth. Caught 7 crab.  Had lunch on beach. Weather has been 60-70 degrees-no rain.  Note--saw approx 30lb. King come into the creek outlet--did not catch!!

Kevin, 7/2/04-- Made new friends and had a great time , caught over 20 fish but not enough coolers.  What a beautiful country.  I wish we had more time to explore.  God has truly blessed me with this opportunity to be here.  Have patience with the tides and don't get discouraged.  May God Bless!

Arnold, 7/2/04--Warren, your cheerful attitude and leading in worship really kept the focus on Him.  It is too easy for me to be consumed with getting my money's worth in fish and you kept the spiritual side in sharp focus.

Lee?, 7/7/04-- What a place!!! God's creation is GREAT!!!  Thank you for your desires to further God's work in such a great and wonderful place---oh yeah, and the fish!

Kevin, 7/8/04-- When we read of the 153 fish caught in John 21, it is the beginning of a big change in Peter's life.  Jesus restores him back to the mission he was given from the beginning; "Follow me".  "153 Fish Camp" is a great opportunity for believers to get restored and refreshed (not with sleep) spiritually.  This is when you see where you are with your walk with the Lord.

Ed, 7/8/04-- Mark, Tracy and Warren, thank you for a extremely wonderful time.  The fishing was outstanding and way beyond my expectations.  The food was wonderful and abundant, I never was hungry when I left the table.  I was once again stretched in my spiritual growth.  Whenever you are put in an environment with a lot of head strong men, it is quick to show you areas in your life that need to be changed.  I saw clearly this week that there needs to be more of JESUS and less of me; and once again I saw area's where the old man has to die more.

Miclael?, 7/8/04--......I have been totally blessed by this opportunity and by you!!!  What an awesome week!  I can't wait to bring my wife with me......

Greg, 7/12/04-- There is no way to describe my time here in Fish Camp.  The fishing, the wildlife, the wilderness, you must experience from being here.  During my time here in Fish Camp , other than praying for my wife, children and church people , my mind has gone blank to the outside world and it's problems & stresses.  Fish Camp has provided a God-Therapy and solitude I desperately needed but did not know it.  The Lord helped me recapture my inner desire for quiet and spending that time with Him as never before.  My heart has been truly blessed by the Alaska Wilderness.

Bill, 7/12/04?-- Thanks for a great week with a wonderful group of people.  Once again I leave Alaska refreshed and renewed.  The fishing was fantastic.  The scenery outstanding, the eagles were awesome.  But the Christian fellowship was the very best.

John, 7/12/04-- After working extremely hard to catch my 3rd fish one day a seal decided he wanted my fish.  I had 30 lb. fire hose on and we went for a ride.  The boat was anchored and I fought that seal for about 20 minutes.  He surfaced 2 or 3 times with my fish in his mouth.  Twice I got it loose from him only to have him come and get it again.  After pulling the seal to within about 20 yards of the boat, he finally got rid of the fish and I reeled in my fish.  The crew in our boat were slapping the water, and making sounds like a killer whale to scare the seal.

Rob, 7/15/04-- Today we went halibut fishing, Mark and I left at 4am, ended up with a 40 lb. one.  No one else wanted to go so we endured the rain and the first of chilly days, but it was worth it!  After we returned I was able to limit out on silvers!  They were BIG this day and almost everyone limited out.

Mike, 7/16/04-- Today is my 5th day at Fish Camp.  The numbers of fish observed has been awesome, to say the least.  I have harvested 21 fish so far.  Not bad for my first season.........I have seen more eagles in the last 5 days than in my entire lifetime.

Ron, 7/16/04-- Have had an awesome time!  Did not catch as many salmon as some due to spending tme chasing halibut and seeing other parts of the island, very enjoyable.  Thanks to Mark for being willing to go after the flat monsters.  Today I decided to forgo the halibut so I could get my salmon numbers up and glad I did.  I limited out and got to be witness to a great seal battle for a fish and our guy won!  To future guests-- Snagging is ok...really.  I tried to resist but succumbed to the temptation and have; by day 5, completely rationalized the method.  This is  "meat" fishing.  They will either be in your freezer or someone else's, so for crying out loud, SNAG if they won't bite.

Trent, 7/18/04-- Great fun & fellowship.  My highlights include; catching the 1st fish of our camp, spending time with my friends, getting to know Mark, Tracy & the family, cleaning out the kayak and finding a several day old fish stuck in the bow, halibut fishing and catching a scate, seeing Orca's up close & finally snagging in the bay.  Thanks again, you're doing an awesome job & ministry.

Brian, 7/21/04-- 1st I must say the title "King of the halibut" is a humbling title.  Yes, catching a 75 pound, 53" fish out of a raft, after a near death experience, was a total rush that I've never experienced before.  We had to cut the rope to the anchor to avoid going under, while I was trying desperately to not puncture the boat and shortly I landed the monster fish.  I have to greatly thank the following "fish assistants" -- Mike, Warren and Captain Mark.  Without their club beating, harpooning and secondary hooking, we never would have landed this massive monster fish.  For the record I graciously gave up 3/4 of the fish to my comrades.  P.S. "Is my drag OK?"  "Oh my gosh!   Oh my gosh!"

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